Melbourne filmmaker Dannika Horvat released her first EP four years ago and slowly has been working towards her debut album Gems. Born from the highly creative hub of the Melbourne music scene, Dannika has created an intelligent collection of indie rock tunes, songs lovingly crafted through friendship.  Her art is nothing without knowing that it springs from passion and compassion for others — not just one, life-defining other, but many others, the companions who make up the warp and weft of one’s life, not just the embroidery.

Track: Rodeo No. 5 (Intro/excerpt)
Artist: Konradsen
Release: Rodeo No. 5
Label: Cascin

Track: Lust and Learning
Artist: Yung
Release: Ongoing Dispute
Label: PNKSLM Recordings

Track: Why Do You Look at Me So Strangely?
Artist: The Spires
Release: Era Was
Label: Self Released

Track: Take Time
Artist: Dannika
Release: Gems
Label: Osborne Again/Spunk

Track: Old Life
Artist: Melby
Release: Old Life
Label: Rama Lama Record

Track: Bussar
Artist: Petra Mases
Release: Marken vid min väg EP
Label: Strangers Candy

Track: Primrose Hill
Artist: Rachel Love
Release: Primrose Hill
Label: Cowchow Records

Track: I’ve Been Holding onto You for Way Too Long
Artist: Alexander Biggs
Release: Hit Or Miss
Label: Self Released

Track: Life and Death
Artist: Astronaut Husband & Blue Boredom
Release: Moon Songs
Label: Self Released

Track: Old Hotel
Artist: Ryan Dugré – Old Hotel
Release: Three Rivers
Label: 11A Records

1/2/3/4 — #188 — Take Time with Dannika

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