It’s been wonderful to witness the blossoming of Sydney’s Jessica as a songwriter and vocalist over the last few years, first as half of folk-goth duo, Jep and Dep and subsequently with her solo albums. She returns with her second, With Reverie, an exploration into daydreams, thoughts, mind-trips, wonderings and introspections. Highly Recommended. Plus Rozi Plain, Pozi, Tōth and more!

Track: Detainer Man
Artist: Pozi
Release: Typing EP
Label: PRAH Recordings

Track: Long Dreamin’
Artist: Dinner Time
Release: Halfway Down
Label: The Record Machine

Track: Done My Time
Artist: Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton
Release: Something is Going to Change Tomorrow, Today. What Will You Do? What Will You Say?
Label: Osborne Again

Track: Silent Fan
Artist: Rozi Plain
Release: Silent Fan
Label: Memphis Industries

Track: Mountains
Artist: Jessica
Release: With Reverie
Label: Self Released

Track: Muerto
Artist: Tōth
Release: Death EP
Label: Northern Spy Records

Track: Home
Artist: Abby Huston
Release: Ah Ha
Label: Egghunt Records

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