Abe Parsons first came to my attention as a part of a wonderful Tasmanian group, Little Island. Formed while in high school, they punched above their weight with some stellar songs. Now Abe returns with an excellent new solo project, Caelo. This nipaluna/Hobart based singer-songwriter, continues to excite with two singles to date. He’s joined by the extremely talented Harry Cook from Melbourne and Liam Judson from the Blue Mountains with outstanding releases. Lots of other essential releases as well on this edition.

Caelo snap by @snapsbymags_

Track: You! (Intro – Excerpt)
Artist: Andy Cooper
Release: You!/Ride It Out 7″
Label: Spasibo Records

Track: Bim Bim Bim
Artist: Caê
Release: Brasil Novo
Label: Musica Macondo

Track: You, Still
Artist: The Frightnrs
Release: Always
Label: Daptone Records

Track: Porcelain
Artist: High Ace
Release: Snowcap Menace
Label: Self Released

Track: Come Hither
Artist: Buttering Trio
Release: Foursome
Label: Raw Tapes

Track: Morning Comes
Artist: Caelo
Release: Morning Comes
Label: Self Released

Track: Right On Time
Artist: Michael Rault
Release: Michael Rault
Label: Wick Records

Track: In Your Room
Artist: Lewis Goldmark
Release: Cut and Flash
Label: Self Released

Track: All Flaws (ft. Hannah Cameron)
Artist: Harry Cook
Release: All Flaws
Label: Self Released

Track: Newborn Feelings
Artist: Lampland
Release: Dry Heat
Label: Park The Van

Track: Beautiful Youth
Artist: Caroline No
Release: Caroline No
Label: Ba Da Bing

Track: members met (outro music)
Artist: digital natives
Release: Arclight / Otherset (split with R)
Label: Housecraft Records

1/2/3/4 — #236 — The Magic of Caelo

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