Drifting sounds from beyond. Digging through some old tapes for some gorgeous deep drones. Enjoy!

Track: Near Me
Artist: Sebby Kowal
Release: Dissolve
Label: Florina Cassettes
Time: 0:00

Track: presentation one, electric organ, phaser & modular synthesizer (excerpt)
Artist: Guenter Schlienz
Release: Organ Studies
Label: Constellation Tatsu
Time: 5:12

Track: IV
Artist: IDRA & Hiroshi Ebina
Release: Circle
Label: Mystery Circles
Time: 13:40

Track: Behind You Now
Artist: Marble Sky
Release: Waiting on Trial (split with Earn)
Label: Pathetic Legends
(Tape from 2008 – not online)
Time: 17:56

Track: Sparkling Memories
Artist: Lab’s Cloud
Release: Morning Thaw
Label: Valley View Records
Time: 27:33

Track: 50m_silence (excerpt)
Artist: Hirotaka Shirotsubaki
Release: 50m_silence
Label: Self Released
Time: 32:44

Track: echo in field
Artist: monosleep
Release: early as the morning
Label: Self Released
Time: 58:06

Track: A2
Artist: Kane Pour
Release: Wand in the Beak of Yellow Bird
Label: Housecraft
(Out of Print tape on Housecraft)
Time: 60:42

Track: Side A
Artist: Dreamers Cloth
Release: Plays “Ecstasy Waterfall”
Label: Relax With Nature
Time: 61:15

Quiet Space — #205 — Behind You Now

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