This edition of the Quiet Space is dedicated to Edward Mahoney. Edward was one of the first people to ever write to me in praise of the Quiet Space – back wheh it was broadcast on ABC Radio National. He described how he loved the ‘tsunami of sound’ and that it offered ‘a time of retrospect, reflection and relief’. Edward continued to correspond over the past 17 years. This show features many of his favourite artists.

Track: TC-377 Poem
Artist: Ian William Craig
Release: Thresholder
Label: 130701/FatCat

Track: S38B
Artist: Josh Mason
Release: L+
Label: Dauw

Track: Other Sleepers
Artist: The Humble Bee
Release: A Miscellany For The Quiet Hours
Label: Cotton Goods

Track: Radio Static
Artist: Anthene
Release: Divisions
Label: Lontano Series

Track: Kumiseva
Artist: Ous Mal
Release: Nuojuva Halava
Label: Preservation

Track: Slight Manner
Artist: Sean McCann
Release: Frame of Mind
Label: Stunned Records

Track: Blue Tomorrows
Artist: Rafael Anton Irisarri 
Release:  The North Bend
Label: Room 40

Track: Hushed Edges in the City
Artist: Ian Hawgood
Release: A Light, A Glimmer (Compilation)
Label: Polar Seas Recordings

Track: Holding, Never To Be Passed
Artist: pimmon
Release: The Oansome Orbit
Label: Room 40

Track: Fen
Artist: Porya Hatami
Release: Shallow
Label: Tench

Track: Warmth Of Winter Woods
Artist: Opitope
Release: Physis
Label: Spekk

Track: Silver Screen
Artist: Anthene
Release: Weightless
Label: Home Normal

Track: Lovely (excerpt)
Artist: Climax Golden Twins
Release: Lovely
Label: Anomalous Records


Quiet Space — #79 — A Tsunami of Sound (Vale Edward Mahoney)

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