Our focus on this episode is on Western Edges, the new ambient/electronic solo project of Richard Adams, founder member, alongside his brother Chris, of the legendary Leeds band Hood. Since Hood went on hiatus in 2005, Richard Adams has recorded his music under the moniker of The Declining Winter, either solo or with help of friends. Prowess is made up of eight electronic tracks, of blissful ambience and shimmering electronics. These tracks were made to soundtrack the feelings Richard Adams had about the area where he lives in Saltaire, West Yorkshire and the Aire valley, while each one was inspired by a different photograph of the area.

Track: Suddenly- A Dream
Artist: Western Edges
Release: Prowess
Label: Sound In Silence

Track: A Singer In Season
Artist: r beny
Release: Reasons To Live
Label: Seil
This is a split release with Paperbark

Track: Sunrise Trails The Growing Dawn
Artist: Skyminds
Release: Skyminds
Label: Auasca

Track: Upon A Map
Artist: Panoptique Electrical
Release: Quiet Ecology
Label: Sound In Silence

Track: Whiteout
Artist: Great Panoptique Winter
Release: Wildness
Label: Self Released

Track: Absence
Artist: Western Edges
Release: Prowess
Label: Sound In Silence

Track: Crimson
Artist: Nakayama Munetoshi
Release: Sleepland / Nakayama Munetoshi
Label: Muzan Editions

Track: Decline, Of Everything
Artist: Bradley Sean Alexander
Release: Lowered Expectations
Label: Polar Seas Recordings

Track: Future Fire
Artist: Offthesky
Release: Illuminate
Label: Eilean Rec

Track: Driftwood Collage
Artist: Chris Otchy
Release: Subterranean Landscapes
Label: Constellation Tatsu

Track: The Eastern End
Artist: Moss Covered Technology
Release: Southern Points
Label: Hibernate

Track: You Look So Beautiful From Up Here
Artist: Western Edges
Release: Prowess
Label: Sound In Silence

Quiet Space — #90 – The Prowess of Western Edges

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