Manhattan-based guitarist, composer, improviser and painter Gabriel Vicéns is one of the most in-demand guitarists on the New York City jazz scene. His latest album, The Way We Are Created blends Jazz and Puerto Rican Rhythms for a hypnotic and engaging listening experience. As well, the magic trumpet/piano improvisations of Ben Marston & Hugh Barrett, dreamy pop from Firestations, an infectious funky Vekvets style jam from Cool Sounds and much more.

Track: Rockaway Beach (Intro)
Artist: The Nutley Brass
Release: Ramones Songbook As Played By The Nutley Brass
Label: Modern Harmonic

Track: It Doesn’t Matter
Artist: Gabriel Vicéns
Release: The Way We Are Created
Label: Inner Circle Music

Track: Clean Breathing
Artist: Ben Marston & Hugh Barrett
Release: Rediscovered Places
Label: Self Released

Track: A Luz De Yayá
Artist: Coladera
Release: Agogo 2020
Label: Agogo Records

Track: Crimson Mask
Artist: Cool Sounds
Release: Bystander
Label: Osborne Again

Track: Wrong
Artist: Olivia Kaplan
Release: Wrong
Label: Topshelf Records

Track: Babygirl
Artist: Cf Watkins
Release: Babygirl
Label: Whatever’s Clever

Track: Loose Canyon
Artist: The Gabriels
Release: Loose Canyon
Label: Self Released

Track: Play (On My Mind)
Artist: The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness
Release: Songs From Another Life
Label: Bobo Integral

Track: The Circular
Artist: Firestations
Release: Melted Medium EP
Label: Lost Map Records

1/2/3/4 — #186 — The Way We Are Created

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