THIS A “LOST” EPISODE of 1/2/3/4 – recorded in early June this year, it ended up on a corrupted Hard Drive, but I managed to rescue it, some slight edits and here it is. Deserves to be heard for the fantastic tunes from Justin Bernasconi, The Hunter Express, Anna Smyrk and much more….

Justin Bernasconi returns with the first taste of album that will be released in September. Produced by ‘Maestro’ Jeff Lang,  it’s a great new direction for a stellar guitarist. He is considered a rarity among guitarists and songwriters. Straddling styles and sounds from the Delta Blues, Appalachian Bluegrass, English Folk and all stops in between, his highly original tunes, are infused with exciting and soulful guitar playing.

Track: Misirlou (Live) [excerpt/Intro]
Artist: Ukelele Death Squad
Release: Not Afraid
Label: Self Released
(Note: the version featured in the opener recorded in 1/2/3/4 HQ, but live version available on their EP)

Track: Dream State
Artist: PJ Orr
Release: Dream State
Label: Misra

Track: Face on the Rail Line
Artist: The Catenary Wires
Release: Birling Gap
Label: Skep Wax/Shelflife Records

Track: Human Condition
Artist: Anna Smyrk
Release: Human Condition
Label: Self Released

Track: Adelaide
Artist: Gabriella Salvucci
Release: Gabriella Salvucci
Label: Misra Records

Track: I Might Be
Artist: Toth
Release: You And Me And Everything
Label: Northern Spy

Track: Death Is Only A Dream
Artist: Fiver
Release: Fiver with the Atlantic School Of Spontaneous Composition
Label: You’ve Changed Records

Track: Flags on this
Artist: Justin Bernasconi
Release: Flags Staked Upon This Hill
Label: Self released

Track: God Damn Plan
Artist: The Hunter Express
Release: God Damn Plan
Label: Self Released

1/2/3/4 — #201 — Sleeping Like A Maniac

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