Month: July 2021

1/2/3/4 — #202 — Painterly

The songs on Nico Hedley’s debut album Painterly were sparked by unsparing self-reflection. The result of this intuitive process is an unusual and gorgeous collection of songs about loss, miscommunication, and selfishness. We’ll hear the first single from this exciting new release plus the reissue of a jazz/folk album from The J Ann C Trio and the anxious quirky new track from UK’s Pozi.

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Quiet Space — #178 — Panabrite

Under the name Panabrite, Seattle-based electronic musician Norm Chambers makes incredibly emotional and lush music through his love of analog synthesizers. His work draws from early new age, kosmische, and library music. In recent times, Norm has been going through some hardship with his health. I wanted to dedicate this show to his amazing talent and inspirational music. Visit his bandcamp site and help support this amazing artist. 

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1/2/3/4 — #201 — Sleeping Like A Maniac

Justin Bernasconi returns with the first taste of album that will be released in September. Produced by ‘Maestro’ Jeff Lang,  it’s a great new direction for a stellar guitarist. He is considered a rarity among guitarists and songwriters. Straddling styles and sounds from the Delta Blues, Appalachian Bluegrass, English Folk and all stops in between, his highly original tunes, are infused with exciting and soulful guitar playing.

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1/2/3/4 — #200 — A Tale of Two Jebs

A two-time winner of the SAMIA (South Australian Music Industry) award for ‘Most Outstanding Guitarist’, Jeb Cardwell has just delivered his debut album, My Friend Defiance. He’s a guitarist, singer, songwriter whose music takes you back to the glory days when guitar-driven riffs and rich vocals were king. As well, another Jeb who conjures gritty grooves and mellow melodies, Jeb Loy Nichols loves Country, Dub, Soul and has a unique and exciting sound. 

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