Month: August 2021

1/2/3/4 — #205 — Take Solace

Emma Russack & Lachlan Denton are individually two songwriters I really admire, but there’s an amazing spark that happens when they combine their powers. Ahead of their fourth album out in October, is their first single POB, a piano driven pop classic! Also on this edition another essential single from Charm of Finches, stunning new release from skirts from Texas plus the legendary Nick Lowe’s The Convincer has been reissued for it’s 20th anniversary. Plus more!

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Quiet Space — #183 — Another World

This episode looks at the Distant Bloom imprint, with a focus on the latest from Software Creator and AI Explorer, Dr Norah Lorway. Distant Bloom is her latest release, a delicate sound palette from radio samples, field recordings and code. These pieces are melancholy transmissions from an alternate spacetime continuum, coated in layers of hiss and static from interdimensional interference, full of strange emotion and yearning from another world just beyond our grasp, perhaps a kinder world than the one in which we find ourselves. As well, other excellent releases from Distant Bloom make up this episode of the Quiet Space.

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