Melbourne’s Ayleen O’Hanlon is back with a bold new single, Straight. She’s been a very active member of the alt-country/folk scene, released a cracking album in 2015 (Blend and Spill), but a double-dose of heartbreak, burnout and a pandemic forced her to stop and re-evaluate her direction. Her sound has a darker pop twist and is highly recommended. She’s just one of the strong women making music in this episode with brilliant new tracks from Mel Parsons, Piper Butcher and Caroline Marie Brooks.

Track: Philodendron Fields (Intro)
Artist: Monster Rally
Release: Adventures on the Floating Island
Label: Self Released

Track: Exclusive
Artist: Peach Baby
Release: Sensations EP
Label: Lazy Octopus Records

Track: Straight
Artist: Ayleen O’Hanlon
Release: Straight
Label: Self Released

Track: Night Drive
Artist: Caroline Marie Brooks
Release: Everything At The Same Time
Label: Self Released

Track: Call It A Day
Artist: Snowy Band
Release: Alternate Endings
Label: Osborne Again

Track: Carry On
Artist: Mel Parsons
Release: Carry On
Label: Self Released

Track: Hold Me Down
Artist: Grand Pine
Release: Hold Me Down
Label: Self Released

Track: Before The Thunder
Artist: Piper Butcher
Release: Before The Thunder
Label: Self Released

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