Phia is the entrancing DIY-art-pop music project of multi-instrumentalist songwriter and composer Sophia Exiner. On her second album, Phia brings together her two musical worlds – joyous choral harmonies and live looping – in a wholly imaginative and unique way. Simply magic. As well, some of my favourite releases this year from Goon, Folly Tree, Kevin Robertson, Field Guides and more.

Track: Ballad Of A Suburban Horse (Intro)
Artist: Mallee Songs
Release: Suburban Horse
Label: Self Released

Track: So Many Days
Artist: Triptides
Release: So Many Days
Label: Curation Records

Track: Tough Times (Feel Like That)
Artist: Kevin Robertson
Release: Teaspoon of Time
Label: Self Released

Track: Angelnumber 1210
Artist: Goon
Release: Hour of Green Evening
Label: démodé recordings

Track: Cicadas In The Lemon Trees
Artist: Field Guides
Release: Ginkgo
Label: Whatever’s Clever

Track: twenty something
Artist: Claude
Release: a lot’s gonna change
Label: American Dreams

Track: The Path (feat. Melbourne Indie Voices)
Artist: Phia
Release: Phia
Label: Self Released

Track: Mad Is The Beast
Artist: Folly Tree
Release: Remedies
Label: Raw Tapes

1/2/3/4 — #241 — The Joyous Looping Worlds of Phia

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