Broads are Kelly Day and Jane Hendry, Melbourne queens of indie-noir. They are back with a wonderful new album, Stay Connected, that pushes their sound from their acoustic roots into a wider spectrum of colour – with hints at 60s pop, 70s folk, a little 80s new wave. They pop into the studio for a chat and perform some tracks as well. We also pay tribute to the late Leo Mullins (Benedicts/Welcome Mat/Small Knives) and brand new works from Josh Rennie-Hynes, Anna Cordell, Khristian Mizzi and more!

Track: It Doesn’t work like that
Artist: Little Wise
Release: Want It All
Label: Self Released

Track: Tragic
Artist: Ronson Hangup
Release: Shake Yer Popboomerang Volume 3
Label: Popboomerang

Track: Some Other Morning
Artist: Khristian Mizzi
Release: Some Other Morning
Label: Self Released

Track: You
Artist: Anna Cordell
Release: Nobody Knows Us
Label: Self Released

Track: Velvet Paradise
Artist: Broads
Release: Live – 1234 Session

Interview with Broads Part 1

Track: No Love Required
Artist: Broads
Release: Stay Connected
Label: Self Released

Interview with Broads Part 2

Track: Aurora
Artist: Broads
Release: Live – 1234 Session

Track: Japanese Rock and Roll
Artist: Pollyman
Release: Japanese Rock and Roll
Label: Self Released

Track: Chapter
Artist: Josh Rennie-Hynes
Release: Patterns
Label: Self Released

Track: Weight of the World
Artist: Leo Mullins
Release: Being Here Is Everything
Label: Self Released

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