‘The Wayside Ballads Vol 3’ is the final instalment of a vision Ross Jackson and Bill Jackson had in 2014 to produce three records of our songs across two continents and back – based on backlog, themes and a forward looking commitment to what they love doing. For Volume 3, Bill met Kerryn Tolhurst who agreed to produce the new record. While plans were made, all hell broke loose globally via a pandemic. They were confined to their homes but decided to press on anyway, working remote to each other in a spree of sharing files, email, and telephone conversations over a period of four months. What emerges is a gorgeous modern folk record. As well as excellent tracks from Coda Chroma, Fog Lake, Francine Odysseys and much more.

Track: Reinbeer Maiden Bungle (intro)
Artist: D.C Cross
Release: Terabithian
Label: Self Released

Track: The World’s A Room
Artist: Restless Leg
Release: Dream Buffet
Label: Self Released

Track: Black And White Master
Artist: Four Lions
Release: Wide Awake
Label: Self Released

Track: Albatross Baby
Artist: GospelbeacH
Release: Jam Jam EP
Label: Curation Records

Track: Resume
Artist: Cusp
Release: Spill EP
Label: Dadstache Records

Track: Dakota
Artist: Fog Lake
Release: Tragedy Reel
Label: Orchid Tapes

Track: If I Imagined
Artist: Coda Chroma
Release: If I Imagined
Label: Self Released

Track: She Rode Like The Wind
Artist: Bill Jackson
Release: The Wayside Ballads Vol 3
Label: Self Released

Track: Generation Blues
Artist: Graham Sharp
Release: Truer Picture
Label: Yep Roc Records

Track: Past Present
Artist: Francine Odysseys
Release: My Favourite Distraction
Label: Self Released

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